Spring is here!

Farm Market & Bakery


our On-Farm Market and Bakery to experience fresh and healthy local food. Click to see our selection of products.

Visit us Monday to Saturday from the beginning of June to the end of October. Please note that we are open on Sundays in October.

Fruits and Vegetables


Late May - Early October

Our sweet, delicious strawberries are available at the farm throughout the growing season.


Mid June – Early August

A variety of sweet peas are grown at the farm. Garden and snap peas are available for most of the season, may be eaten fresh or cooked.


Early July

Nothing beats the taste of a sweet, fresh dug red or white potato. Most of our potatoes are harvested as small potatoes.



Bry-Anne Farms grows a delightful red raspberry.  The Nova Raspberry is fairly large and has a sweet but tartness to its flavour.  It is perfect for freezing and making jams and pies.  Our Pick-Your-Own Season usually begins around the middle of July.  Fresh picked raspberries are also available for sale at the farm or at the markets.  One of my favourite fruits of the summer!

Sweet Corn

Mid July – Late September

Bry-Anne Farms is well-known throughout Niagara for our daily fresh-picked, tender, delicious sweet corn. We grow mostly bicolour ‘Peaches & Cream’ Sweet Corn (sugar enhanced and synergistic varieties).


Mid July – Mid-September

Round field (beefstake) tomatoes and Roma Paste tomatoes are sold by the litre, 3-litre basket or by the bushel.


Late August – Mid-September

A colourful mixture of orange, red, green and yellow peppers are grown at Bry-Anne Farms.


Late September – Late October

Bry-Anne Farms grows a variety of squash. Spaghetti, a summer squash starts the season. We also grow many varieties of fall squash including acorn or pepper, butternut, blue hubbard, buttercup, sweet dumpling and delicata. Great for your Thanksgiving meal!



Pumpkin is the last fruit of the season harvested by Bry-Anne Farms. We grow many shapes and sizes of white and orange pumpkins. You will find the perfect pumpkin here!

We also grow lettuce, peas, green and yellow beans, red and white potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower. We sell locally grown sweet cherries, blueberries, peaches and a variety of apples. All products are available seasonally at our On-Farm Market and Bakery as well as at the Farmers’ Markets (link to Farmers Markets section) that we attend.


Our homemade butter tarts are very tasty and delicious, made with real butter. We make a variety of in-season fruit tarts and pies as well. Strawberry Rhubarb tarts were, undoubtedly, the great taste of 2016. Apple crisp and pumpkin pies are our specialty in the fall.

We make a variety of jams and jellies, especially strawberry and raspberry ones. Blueberry, peach, plum, sweet cherry, pear, and others have been found on our shelves seasonally.


Bry-Anne Farms also sells a variety of Ontario grown and processed pickles including asparagus, carrots, beans, beets, and cucumber. Great for family picnics.